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  • Overthinks AND over-feels, often simultaneously
  • Has blocked, or been blocked by an ex
  • Has gone through a super tough break up with someone they were never "technically" dating.
  • Has given your actual number to someone at the bar who you didn't want to give your number to because they were making really intense eye contact and you didn't want to be rude and you literally could not come up with any other combination of numbers on the spot besides your own.
  • Has downloaded, deleted, and re downloaded a dating app more than three times in one week
  • Knows that it is healthy to cry
  • Prefers crying into a bowl of pasta
  • Knows that you shouldn't settle for the person who forgets to text you back for days/weeks at a time, and then hits you up like "Heeyyyy."
  • Is sometimes accidentally that person.
  • Feels very secure in ones self.
  • Is currently working through many insecurities.
  • Exists on this earth.